Slapdash Song Night! is your delicious tasting plate of music, musicals, cabaret, musical comedy, and more from all around Sydney, Australia. Cut loose with your host, Keira Daley, for some toe-tapping, head-bopping, rollicking variety night mayhem. Warning: Dangerously catchy. Find out more…

Edinburgh, we’re here!

So there’s a giant poster of my head at George Square… First preview is on Thursday.  Get on board the Nerd Train!

Memories from the ‘burgh

LadyNerd is on the way to Edinburgh Fringe 2012.  That means the incomparable ninjamazing music nerd, Mark Chamberlain, and that weirdo with the dancing eyebrows who occasionally writes about herself in third person, Keira Daley, are going to do their thing for the world’s largest arts festival in just a matter of weeks. I performed Read more…