Slapdash Song Night!


Slapdash Song Night!

The atmosphere is ripe for musical mischief…

It’s Slapdash Song Night!

Slapdash Song Night! live show and podcast is your delicious tasting plate of musical comedy, cabaret, music theatre, and more from all around Sydney, Australia – and, occasionally, beyond. Cut loose with your host, Keira Daley, for some toe-tapping, head-bopping, rollicking variety night mayhem. Warning: Dangerously catchy.

Enjoy a variety of live music and get to know the artists via fun, pacy interviews. From comedy to cabaret, musical theatre to rockin’ band, acoustic duo and more, we have it all. It’s the place to discover new gems, experience new styles, and enjoy familiar favourites all over again.

Slapdash Song Night! is THE place for artists and punters to meet and mix under the motto: 

“singy-sing, talky-talk, drinky-drink”

It’s the true spirit of cabaret!

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Slapdash Song Night! podcastSlapdash Song Night! was nominated for Best Cabaret at Perth Fringe World 2015. WOOT!
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Our regular segments explained:

  • Cover Me, Bro! – songs that probably haven’t been covered, probably for good reason, as chosen by YOU.
  • Songwriting Battle – each month, two nerds each write a song on a theme. YOU vote on a winner, even though there are still no consequences.
  • Original Flayvah – songs of varying degrees of genuine originality, as penned by your host
  • The Slapdash Theme Song – makes the show totes official

Show themes to date

Theme songs and opening numbers

At the movies

Corrupted karaoke

May the Fourth Star Wars special

1st annual (Montgomery Burns) songs for the uncool (part 1) (part 2)

Cover Me, Bro! special

Trains, planes and automobiles

Sydney Fringe 2014 edition

Slaptoberfest! drinking songs

Slapoween! Halloween special

Closing (for now) numbers

Sci-fi night

Weird science

Nerdy 90s party

2nd annual (Putnam County) songs for the uncool


Ancient History

Passing the Buck

Cupid or stupid?

Altitude (with attitude!)

Big, dumb ’90s

Slapdash roll-call

Our participants so far…



  • Slapdash Musos: Mark Chamberlain, Joey Pangilinan, Courtney Powell, Helen Perris, Bryce Halliday, Peter Lead, Tim Judge, Richard Woodhouse, Steven Kreamer, Eduardo Delos Rayes
  • Slapdash Choir/Back-up Singers: Jacqui Greenfield, Shannon McKinn, Mark Simpson, Tim Judge, Tim de Sousa
  • Live Crew: Amanda Jessup, Amy Hume, Emily Wilkinson, Mark Simpson, Pete Lead, Tim de Sousa
  • Slapdash theme song clapping game maestros: Tim de Sousa, Kenjai
  • Podcast Editor: Keira Daley
  • Podcast Mixer: Joshua Rohrback


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.