#6 Songs for the Uncool – part 2

Slapdash Song Night!
Slapdash Song Night!
#6 Songs for the Uncool - part 2

This is part 2 of our first annual (Montgomery Burns?) “Songs for the Uncool” celebration. We delve even further into obsession and ineptitude with our fabulous guests, and emerge dorktastic but triumphant.

1:42 Slapdash theme
4:02 Cover Me, Bro! suggestions
9:02 Lady Sings It Better
16:40 Songwriting Battle intro
18:26 Sea Salt-N-Cracked Pepper
23:48 Keira and the Slapdash Mini-Band
27:34 Songwriting Battle result
29:04 Hilary Cole with Steven Kreamer
39:28 Conclusion
40:19 Closing number