LadyNerd’s Sydney Fringe return… on election night!

We’re coming full-circle!  Keira Daley: LadyNerd returns to where it all began – Sydney Fringe – for ONE NIGHT ONLY.

Following our World Nerdination Tour of 2012, Team LadyNerd sets back up in the delightful Seymour Centre Sound Lounge at 7pm on September 14. Yeah, you read correctly – piano bar meets Sega Megadrive… ON ELECTION DAY.

So if you want to escape the #auspol madness with a nerd-wine-and-song combo platter, there’s only one place to be.  If you missed it the other times we’ve played in Sydney, or know someone who did who would dig it, there is also only place to be.  And that place is the place where this show is on at the time and date on which it appears.  And things.

Seriously, though, there’s a good chance this is our last hurrah with this particular show in our hometown (but we do have some exciting NEW stuff en route – stay tuned!), so get on it, nerdburgers…

Bookings will eventually be a thing that happens here.

LadyNerd: F%^& YEAH!