Slapdash brain junk

Slapdash Song Night! 2014 finale show is in a little less than two weeks away.

To date, I have written nothing.

But in the lead-up, this song is in my head for no reason, with no relevance:

And I may have lost an entire day last weekend here:

2014-11-09_00001 - Copy

But I’ve at least listened to our COVER ME, BRO! for the show and vaguely (as usual) think I should be able to do something with it…

Oh, and by the way – our theme is “finales”. I’d totally do this if all the folks were in town…

Have your doubts about how this next show of Slapdash is gonna go down? Me too. But I always do. And somehow it all gets done and we have a freakin’ ball. It’s a monthly miracle! Catch it here…


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