Nerdy New Year!

Greetings nerderinos!

I hope you had an awesome “tis” (aka: “the season”).  I sure did.

Meanwhile, I’ve been throwing around a metric shitload of ideas for future LadyNerd shows, with Misters Chamberlain, Lead, and James-Moody – all nerdfaced as ever – and even delving into some songwriting.  Naturally, it’s all video game themes and iPad drums and grammatical correctness at LadyNerd HQ.

We’ll see you soon for some or all of the above, and more…

Have yourself a G-D wonderful 2013!

– Keira and Team LadyNerd

PS: Just thought you should know, I rang in the new year as Liz Lemon using The Force to get out of jury duty…

Liz Lemon as Princess Leia
“I don’t really think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I can read thoughts…”