LadyNerd and Slapdash to appear at FRINGE WORLD 2015!

Fringe World 2015

Hurrah! I can finally tell you the awesome news that I’m heading back to the wild west! And piano nerd Mark Chamberlain is venturing with me, the ever-trusty musical sidekick/mandatory eye candy that he is.

We’re flying over to perform Keira Daley: LadyNerd and what I’m egomaniacally naming Keira Daley’s Slapdash Song Night! (so they appear side-by-side in the program – diabolical!).

If you’re in or near Perth in late January through to mid-February, or have friends or family who will be, why not treat yourself/them to tickets for Christmas? Entertainment is the gift that keeps on giving, which is a bargain for $25 (or $20 if you buy for a group)!


Cool stuff about LadyNerd in WA

We’re not only taking it to Perth, we’re also taking it to Mandurah!

5.15pm Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015
Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
As part of the inaugural HUBBUB Mini Festival By The Sea

7pm Feb 8-11, 2015
Casa Mondo, James St, Northbridge

Much of the show will be the same (call it “LadyNerd classic”) but there are a couple of changes in the mix, including a new LadyNerd with her very own song, written especially for her by me.

Oh, and our show on Monday February 9 will be our 50th! Isn’t that nuts?

You can book tickets to LadyNerd at either venue HERE.


Cool stuff about Slapdash in WA

It will be our first out-of-town season!

We have four nights, which means FOUR AWESOME THEMES.

10pm Feb 5-8, 2015
Casa Mondo, James St, Northbridge

You can book tickets to Slapdash HERE.



Stay tuned to Facebook for the very first updates on Slapdash guests and themes – we’ve got some super crazy-ass fun planned! And don’t forget…


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