LadyNerd at FRINGE WORLD Festival, Perth 2014

I’m very excited to announce that LadyNerd is off to WA in February 2014 to nerd it up in the Wild, Wild West at FRINGE WORLD.

I’ve never been to Perth before and over here on this unseasonably cool Aussie east coast December evening, I imagine it’s a haven of warm beachiness and warm, friendly people.

This perspective is probably shaped by the people I’ve met from there, all of whom are warm, friendly types, and some of whom have said “Do your show for three days then go to the beach” – which sounds like a pretty sweet plan.

Also, I’ve already had half a dozen keyboard offers thrown my way from Perthians, which is outrageously generous and helpful.  It was tempting to say yes to all and then make Mark grow a few more sets of arms.

I look forward to meeting all of Perth’s nerds and nerd-enablers at Casa Mondo in The Pleasure Garden*.

You can get deets and tix here.

*not a euphemism.