Slapdash Song Night #3 – corrupted karaoke

Slapdash Song Night!
Slapdash Song Night #3 – corrupted karaoke

How does one corrupt karaoke? By turning a song on its head – deliberately. Or by singing it beautifully. Or by using real instruments, or airing grievances about karaoke in song. Most of all, by being genuinely entertaining, as are our acts for this episode…

1:45 Jim Fishwick
9:30 Valère (Brendan Hay)
21:21 Cover Me, Bro!: Space Rape (please blame the ep.2 audience for this charming choice of title!) by Gaye Bykers On Acid
26:10 Gigi Fontaine
40:00 “Pete” Vs Keira’s Songwriting Battle – round 3
51:11 Blake Erickson
1:07:25 Closer