Keira Daley Vs the 90s

A LadyNerd’s true tales of teen dorkwardness and triumph rumble with rockin’ smash hits and era-inspired original songs. Party on, Wayne!


  • kdv90s-1818 - On stage, talking Hyper-Color, Encarta 95, and a time when cats around the world enjoyed anonymity.
  • kdv90s-band - Meet the band! MD Mark Chamberlain (keys), Joey Pangilinan (drums), and Ed Delos Reyes (bass)!
  • KDV90s_stairs_web - I put together my 90s-est threads and took to the streets for a totally rad shoot.
  • IMG_8207_SFSS - Rock on!
  • IMG_8228_SFSS - A new type of air drumming.
  • KDV90s_jump_web - We did a lot of jump-shots...
  • IMG_8244_SFSS -, a lot. And in borrowed Docs that were too big for me. Work those calves!
  • IMG_8280_SFSS - Photoshop was new in the 90s...
  • IMG_8353_SFSS - Kinda-sorta harking back to Bjork's Debut album cover.
  • IMG_8383_SFSS - Obligatory grunge-vamp shot.
  • KDV90s_web - Promo art!