3 years of LadyNerd!

LadyNerd has spread nerdy words across: 2 continents… 4 festivals… 6 cities… 45 shows… so far!

Here’s a photo diary of all of the things, featuring your very own Keira Daley and Australia’s Mark Chamberlain…


  • Sydney Fringe 2011 - Opening night at Sydney Fringe, 2011: Where it all began - the lovely Seymour Centre Sound Lounge during Sydney Fringe 2011. We did our full, lush arrangements here on both keys AND piano. Mmmm.
  • Sydney Fringe 2011 - That Tetris backdrop, which featured at Sydney Fringe and Adelaide Cabaret Festival, took a LOT of packets of origami paper...
  • Manly Daily - Manly Daily for Sydney Fringe 2011. Yep, 'Nick' and I totally met Dr Karl!
  • Ciao - Cover of Ciao magazine along with other cool kids in Sydney Fringe 2011!
  • Brisbane 2012 - At the now-defunct Stockholm Syndrome in Brisbane, 2012. The owner wore a Space Invaders tee to mark the occasion. Mark, meanwhile, used his laser eyes.
  • Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012 - This was exciting - my show on a chalkboard at the oh-so fancy Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012! We had such a good time here.
  • Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012 - Chatting to ABC radio about Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2012 alongside Broadway star Eden Espinosa.
  • Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - As soon as we arrived at Edinburgh Fringe 2012, I got such a big head...
  • Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - Out on the Royal Mile, you've gotta sell your wares at Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - ours were 8-bit.
  • Edinburgh Fringe 2012 - Closing night at Edinburgh Fringe 2012! Our crew were amazing. We made them custodian of the official LadyNerd mirrorball.
  • Melbourne Fringe 2013 - Backstage at the most amazing 1990s party ever, courtesy of Melbourne Fringe 2013 - I'm the one up the back who looks like the work experience kid.
  • Perth Fringe World 2014 - We arrived in Perth for Fringe World 2014 to balmy weather and LadyNerd posters EVERYWHERE. Sold out shows to the best audiences ever. Best.
  • Perth Fringe World 2014 - Our super cute venue at Perth Fringe World 2014, Casa Mondo in the Pleasure Garden. I don't want to pick favourites here... but Perth's my favourite.