Slapdash Song Night! is your delicious tasting plate of music, musicals, cabaret, musical comedy, and more from all around Sydney, Australia. Cut loose with your host, Keira Daley, for some toe-tapping, head-bopping, rollicking variety night mayhem. Warning: Dangerously catchy. Find out more…

#8 Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We’re back! Apologies for the delay – we’ve been getting our live show up and running again. In this episode, we make our escape, talking planes, trains, automobiles, and all else in between. Pack your bags and get moving with….

2:07 Slapdash theme
5:14 Blake Erickson
22:47 Cover Me, Bro!
28:34 Special secret guest
35:21 Fiona Pearson
43:02 Songwriting Battle intro
45:21 Pete’s song
50:18 Keira’s song
58:40 Audience vote
59:41 Joanna Weinberg
1:15:31 Closer

#7 Cover Me, Bro! Special

Everybody take cover for our COVER ME, BRO! special – songs that probably haven’t been covered before, probably for good reason… as voted by YOU!

#5 Songs for the Uncool – part 1

Slapdash Song Night! is back and will now be available for your earholes fortnightly! Enjoy part 1 of our super-fun “Songs for the Uncool” episode, recorded June 1st 2014, packed with singy-singing nerds, dorks and dweebs!
01:32 Opening number
05:23 Opening spiel
08:36 Sugar & Vice
19:48 Helen Perris
25:16 Pontus Aleryd & Bridget Keating (with Lauren Kenyon and Steven Kreamer)
40:40 Cover Me, Bro!

LadyNerd and Slapdash to appear at FRINGE WORLD 2015!

Hurrah! I can finally tell you the awesome news that I’m heading back to the wild west! And piano nerd Mark Chamberlain is venturing with me, the ever-trusty musical sidekick/mandatory eye candy that he is. We’re flying over to perform Keira Daley: LadyNerd and what I’m egomaniacally naming Keira Daley’s Slapdash Song Night! (so they appear side-by-side in the Read more…

Slapdash moves house

It’s not the sort of thing you expect to happen when you go to work. Sure, maybe your job is in itself unpredictable – maybe it’s someone’s birthday and you’ll have mudcake, maybe shit will hit the fan in accounts, maybe you’ll get sacked for reading blogs on the company dime. But one thing you probably Read more…

Slapdash fun times ahoy!

7pm March 2nd is our second monthly Slapdash Song Night! live show and podcast. To mark the 86th Annual Academy Awards, occurring the day after the show, the theme for this month is “At the movies”. Come down to The Record Crate (upstairs at 34 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe) and meet your very own guests: Read more…

A letter to 30 Rock from LadyNerd HQ

Dear 30 Rock, It’s your finale today.  You’ve seen fit to shut it down.  While I need to go talk to some food about this, I understand it’s a wise move to quit before there’s a dealbreaker.  I’m happy that you get to walk away while you still feel great. I still remember watching the Read more…