Slapdash Song Night #4 – May the Fourth be with you!

This show was appropriately HUUUUGE! And one of our favourites so far. We nerd it up BIG TIME to celebrate Star Wars Day with this crazy-fun sci-fi-inspired geekstravaganza…

5:45 Lady Sings It Better
16:45 Han Soloist 1: Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd
20:15 Han Soloist 2: Bryce Halliday
26:00 Cover Me, Skywalker!: I Wanna Be Dr Who by Jackson Zumdish
32:48 Slapdash Theme
34:32 Audience suggestions for the next Cover Me, Bro!
35:43 Keira Vs Pete’s Intergalactic Songwriting War – round 4
46:44 Han Soloist 3: Blake Erickson
55:04 Slapdash surprise guest!
1:01:19 Exclaim Theatre Co.
1:15:45 Closer